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Healthcare for Taiwanese Living with HIV & AIDS

  • netiCRM服務小型組織(年計) 2019-12-06 開始,Expiration date at 2021-12-05

Service Target

  1. Taiwanese infants with suspected HIV infection
  2. Taiwanese children and adolescents affected by HIV
  3. Taiwanese adults and elders living with HIV/AIDS (and other illness)

Scope of Service

  1. Provide PLHAs with holistic services within a comprehensive and supportive health system, maintaining not only their lives but also their dignity.
  2. Provide daily necessities and enough professional workers delivering services and company for our service users lacking family support, to assist them in developing healthy physical and mental personality.
  3. Arouse the attention from the social safety net and elevate our service users’ family support, to assist them in returning to society when they recover their social functions.


  1. Provide all our HIV-positive residents with sufficient medical care, company and resources for their mental and physical wellness. 
  2. Advocate PLHA’s human rights to reduce stigma and discrimination for an HIV-friendly society. We hope, for instance, more long-term care facilities will be willing to accommodate PLHAs without prejudice.
  3. To respond to the increasing need for PLHA long-term care, find a suitable site to enhance our service quality.

Story: A Turned-away Visitor – The Struggle of a Person Living with HIV and Dementia

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