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Healthcare for Children regardless of the Nationality

  • netiCRM服務小型組織(年計) 2019-12-06 開始,Expiration date at 2021-12-05

Source: Youtube

In Taiwan, a group of kids is excluded from the social welfare, medical and education systems. They are the children of migrant workers, but they become stateless unregistered babies due to the illegal escape of their birth mother and an unknown father. This episode of LTN News takes you through the lives of these unregistered babies, who struggle to stay in Taiwan or return to their home countries. 




Scope of Service 

  1. Provide pregnant migrant workers with prenatal and postnatal medical services, including prenatal checkups and classes covering such issues as prenatal health care, childbirth, and postpartum self-care.
  1. Help such children obtain vaccinations and regular checkups at nearby hospitals and, when necessary, medical expense subsidies and interpretation services.
  1. Provide such children and their families with nutritious meals and a safe environment to ensure proper physical and mental development better. Besides, train principal caregivers (mothers and/or other family members) how to take appropriate care of infants and children.


  1. Accommodate 200 Children and provide them with medical services.
  1. Provide Children with vital vaccinations.
  1. Provide 40 female migrant workers with childbirth support.

Expected long-term outcomes

  1. Through health education programs, reduce unintended pregnancies among migrant workers.
  1. Openly discuss the life of children to increase awareness among the general public, corporate sponsors, NGOs, and the government.

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